Hang Your Decorative Shelves

 If you want a lot of opportunities where you can freely display your home decors without any inhibitions or store whatever knickknacks you have, the decorative shelves will definitely give you all of these. Many of these shelves are very affordable and to hang them, you really do not need complicated kind of tools. What is the most essential step in hanging your decorative shelves? Well, the very first thing that you must do is to locate those wall studs that are right behind your drywall. The moment you have located these studs and you have marked them, hanging them will surely be very easy on your part already. Find the right brackets that would be able to support your decorative shelf. The L-shaped ones would just be perfect for the shelf. See to it that the brackets can carry the weight of the shelf and the things that you will put on it.

Use a studfinder to find the studs on the wall. Using a pencil, mark the studs which will be right behind your decorative shelf. Make sure that these studs would at least have 16 inches space in between. Next, with a measuring tape, measure the shelf’s width and then put that measurement on the wall and mark with a pencil the exact place where you will hang the shelf. Using a level, draw a line on the top portion where you will hang the shelf. See to it that there are a minimum of two studs behind your shelf.

Put the brackets over the marks on the wall and then draw a line above the shelf using your pencil. Utilize a black marker in order to identify the wall’s bracket holes. Screw onto the walls these brackets where you put the marks of the black marker using a power drill. After this, you can now hang your decorative shelves.


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